Millennials 4 Millennials – Yacht Design Contest

Winner Revealed!

Millennials 4 Millennials

Yacht Design Contest

Venezia, June 21st

The winner projects of M4M “Millennials 4 Millennials” yacht design contest 2019 have been selected and announce during the Salone Nautico Venezia, last June 21st. The contest, organized by Politecnico di Milano in partnership whit the shipyard Rossinavi and the design studio Nuvolari-Lenard, called for highly innovative and creative yacht projects to and for a new generation: the Millennials.

Born in the 80s and 90s, Millennials are usually considered all the young guys that reached the teenhood around the turn of the 21st century. They are grown up with the internet and digital technologies, but they still know what a 3.5 floppy drive or audio tape is. On-demand is a way of life for them. They have, at the same time, digitally and physically relationship. Nowadays, new technologies and lifestyle choices of the millennials generation are changing the traditional markets all around the world.

The Italian shipyard Rossinavi was the first in the world to consider this new potential category in the market and, in November 2016, launch the research in Superyacht market for Millennials supported by the International University of Monaco (IUM). On their market results, the contest M4M has come to life.

The contest brief was extensive and open to fresh ideas: Millennials Yacht Designers are requested to propose a vision and a concept for the new generation (the Millennials generation) of Yachts interpreting the relation between Sustainability, Technology, and Heritage on a floating object.

An insight by Sole Ferragamo for Boat International was the inspiration of the brief: “Sustainable is important for the future yacht owner (…) Tech is the future. The yacht industry will innovate its technology offering while maintaining its heritage” (Boat International – Meet the next generation of yacht owners, builders, and designers).

Eight finalists of the contest were invited to Salone Nautico Venezia on June 21st to developed and discuss their final concepts during a 6-hour live performance at Arena Tech Lab, Arsenale Tesa 113. Special advisors, teachers and jury panel of the day: Federico Rossi – COO of Rossinavi yard –, Carlo Nuvolari – senior partner of Nuvolari-Lenard studio –, Andrea Ratti and Arianna Bionda from Politecnico di Milano – director of Master in Yacht Design and Master of Science in Yacht and Cruise Vessel Design DDN, and researcher in Yacht Design and Technology, respectively –.

The projects that most impressed the jury and won the first M4M yacht design contest were MARE NOSTRUM by Martina De Biasi, student of the Master of Science in Yacht and Cruise Vessel Design DDN at Campus Universitario, La Spezia, and E-XPERIENCE by Maria Haberny, alumni of MYD, Master in Yacht Design at POLI.design, Milano.

Mare Nostrum, with the slogan “Share not Abuse”, interprets the theme of floating islands forecasting a new use of dismantled Marina Oil Stations. “Demolition would entail high costs, difficulty in disposing of materials, pollution, and it would take a lot of time. Why not use them in a sharing way?” says Martina presenting her project. The Mare Nostrum is at the same time a resort, a diving center, a research center for marine biodiversity and a marina. A boat-lift, inspired by the Holland channel Falkirk Wheels, welcome yachts and superyachts tenders at the first level of the Mare Nostrum platform.

“The freedom of choice” and a transformable superyacht is the concept proposed by Maria Haberny. The yacht E-xperience is both a 65m sail assisted explorer yacht and a platform for new sports experience: helicopter, kite, submarine, etc. Centre of the project is the Millennial’s private Batcave, a luxurious garage under the main deck connected to a smart experience system with easy automated access to toys and devices. Solar panels, self-adjustment solar sails, photovoltaic hull covering, hydro-generators and hybrid engines make this superyacht eco-friendly.

Special Mention to YES MAN by Filippo Beccastrini, a yacht in between a wave piercing and a foiler powerboats, and to BOAT SHARING by Clarissa Zolesi, introducing the progressive thinker of no-propriety yachts.

To have a look at the Contest full brief: https://www.polidesign.net/sites/default/files/Millennials%204%20Millennials.pdf